Quality Wedding Albums Are Back

Fine Wedding Albums by Hudson Valley Photographer Aperture Photography

Aperture Photography design and makes the finest wedding albums the will be treasures forever

I have noticed a big change in the past few years.  Quality Wedding Albums are in high demand. It is a digital world. Like it or not speed and easy are how most people live there life.  With social media and powerful electronic devices it is easy and convenient.  But we are missing so much of the beauty and sense of permeance and beauty of a real wedding album or a beautifully crafted album photographic print. The design, color and material options are endless.  And it is done by the artist and book binders.

I really love the idea of the couple having a usb drive with there wedding photos.  It makes sense to have them and make a copy for safe keeping.  But most people have little idea of what they are missing when they don’t have a high quality wedding album.  Yes you can make up a inexpensive album from sources on the internet, but I am certain the quality difference in night and day over a top quality album. Basically the difference is like a 15 dollar throw away cell phone and the latest iPhone.  Yes they are both phones, but that is where it ends.

Here are just a few of the advantages.

Top quality photographic archival paper with a full color range and color accuracy.  The ink on quality albums are pigment with millions of color graduations which does not fade for hundreds of years. After a few years with cheap paper and albums color shifts and fading will happen.  The feel of the paper the feel and refined look screams quality and beauty.  When look at a really beautiful album you slow down and really enjoy the experience.  

Albums are coming back in a big way.  People are a little tech tired.  Organic real items you can touch and feel add so much to the pleasure of reliving the moments of one of the most important days of you life.

Hudson NY Engagements | Hudson Valley Wedding Photography by Aperture Photography


IMG_5212 copy

The City of Hudson, NY is a place that has so many charms.  Antiques, Restaurants and Historic Buildings line Warren St and many others.  The rich and famous flock to spend there down time in this historic small city.  The texture of the old beautiful buildings are perfect for style and editorial engagement photography.  Aperture Photography nows every inch of this masterpiece of 19 century beauty.

Just outside the city you can overlook the Catskills from the Rip Van Winkle Bridge.  Set up your engagement session today !


Why Choose US | Hudson Valley Wedding Photographer

Why Choose Aperture?

Hudson Valley Wedding Photography
Poughkeepsie, Albany & Hudson Valley Wedding Photographer | Aperture Photography

Aperture Photography knows every weekend in the Hudson Valley, couples get married. They invite all of their loved ones and friends to cherish their truly special day. But nowadays there’s a growing trend that is a major issue. Couples like to have their friends and low cost ” photographer ” with little to no experience photograph their wedding, but where the problem lies is when they get their pictures from the wedding and the quality is dismal and they are in total shock.

Think about this, there is the cake and the flowers and food but most likely your not going to remember all of it, but with a photograph it’s a perfect way to remember how your wedding day was. A photograph will always be there. It is final and set in stone. 30 or 40 even 50 years and beyond you can always look back and look at your wedding day, and believe me you don’t want to have bad quality photos and missed opportunities for that perfect picture. Aperture Photography has done hundreds and hundreds of weddings and we know all the ins and outs of how to get that perfect picture.

We make sure that the quality of your photographs are absolutely pristine and something to remember. So if you’re looking to hire a professional photographer then give Aperture Photography a call. We will make sure that your pictures are the highest of quality possible and that you will look back on your pictures a long time from now and be happy you hired us. We would love to help make your Wedding day truly spectacular.

Give Aperture Photography a call: 518-678-0176

Email us: aperturephoto@msn.com

Fall Wedding Photography in the Catskills | Ashokan Dreams | Aperture Photography

The Catskills and Hudson Valley are without a doubt the most beautiful in the fall !  Aperture Photography is located just miles from anywhere in the Catskills.  The Ashokan Dreams  http://www.ashokandreams.com/ has the views that are stunning.  The venue overlooks the Ashokan and the most of the peaks of the Catskill Mountains.  The grounds are just perfect for a wedding.  Everywhere I looked I had a locations that was a visual delight.  It is a must see for anyone looking for a venue.

Wedding Vows

Aperture Photography will capture every moment of love and beauty.  I just could not stop taking photographs of the moments and settings of the beautiful couple.  Contact us at this link  Aperture Photography  and we will be glad to discuss how we can capture your wedding.

Bridal Portrait by Aperture Photography

Bride and Groom Wedding Portrait Catskills

Photo of wedding couple during wedding ceromony

Wedding Phot overlooking the Ashokan

Portrait of a groom at his wedding

Wedding Photo of the Bride and Groom in the Catskills

The Vows near the Ashokan


Wedding at The Otesaga Resort Hotel | Cooperstown, NY


Cooperstown Wedding Photographer Aperture Photography had the pleasure of photographing a wedding at the  Otesaga Resort Hotel.  The Otesaga Resort Hotel on Lake Street in Cooperstown NY is amazing !  Elegant and Grand with the most beautiful lake right on the grounds.  We had a perfect background for wedding photographs no matter which way we turned. What make the wedding photos even more fun and beautiful is that the main in street in Cooperstown is a minute away and we had such a good time taking photos at The Baseball hall of Fame and other land marks on the main street of the village.

Wedding photography in Cooperstown, NY

Bride abd Groom picking out their bats

Coopertown Wedding Photographer Aperture Photography

First dance wedding photo by Aperture Photography

Lake Otesaga Wedding

The Otesaga Resort Hotel Ceromony

Wedding portrait in Cooperstown NY

Hudson Valley Wedding Photographer | Aperture Photography

One of the most beautiful places for a ceremony is the Stone Church in  Cragsmoor in the Hudson Valley.  This weekend was just perfect the sky’s were clear and from the back of the church the view of the Hudson Valley was amazing.  You could see for 40 miles.  This gave me the opportunity to create photographs that I live for.  The reception was held a the Winding Hills Country Club Montgomery, NY.

Aperture Photography Wedding PhotographerUpstate NY Wedding Photography Wedding Ceromony near Newburgh NY Wedding Photography Hudson Valley.

Albany Area Wedding Celebration | Cohoes NY

Candles at a weddingCouple at there weddingWedding Toast 762A6775 Albany NY Wedding Photo Sister doing speach at wedding Wedding Ceremony in Troy Wedding Ceromony near Albany NY Wedding Details and ideas

The day was perfect, with warm sunshine low humidity. Low humidity is so welcome in an Albany area wedding. And most important some of the nicest caring people.

The details were perfect. The musicians were so talented and the flowers so beautiful. So must care and love were put into every detail to make this wedding so beautiful and relaxed. All the hard work pulling a wedding together means little without a wonderful couple and their loved ones.

Let me tell you it just does not get better than this. Sometimes everything just feels right. Here are just a few photos of over a thousand.

Wedding Photography in the Catskills | Windham | Hunter

Just a small sample of the beauty of the Catskills near Hunter and Windham Mountains in New York.  I love to photograph wedding in all locations from NYC to Canada.  But right outside my door is the Catskills with Windham and Hunter.  You can name countless venues  if you like or just pick a spot in the State Parks.  It will be beautiful !Wedding photo of Bride in a field of flowers Wedding Portrait of Bride Wedding near Windham Bride Family at there wedding in Windham NY